Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chapter 1.7: Summer in light, and winter in the shade

It's Sam's birthday. This is the first birthday party in the Winter household where non family members have been invited. Sam invited several of her friends; most of her friends were already teenagers and she was the last one to age up. Kayla was allowed to invite friends too. She invites just one, Rufus Nomori. (The boy with pink boots!)

There was one uninvited guest at the party. He wasn't there to celebrate Sam's birthday, but to talk with Silvia about the birthday girl.

Silvia was furious that Basil showed up at her house where her family lived. She wanted him as far away as possible from her daughters. 

However, she had known that Basil would come one day. 

"Silvia, always a pleasure to see you." Basil's low voice smoothly traveled through the room. Everyone elsewas in the living room celebrating Sam's birthday. It was just Basil and Silvia.

"Basil." Silvia coolly nods. "I had been looking for you before. Why do you come now? You aren't welcome here."

Basil is surprised at how levelled Silvia is. He notices that Silvia is no longer a vampire anymore. The Vampire B-gone potion was recently perfected. That issue will be soon taken care of. It's a pity, he thinks. Silvia would have made a good addition to the clan. A much worthier member than those pitiful Blightwoods.

"I had some business to take care of. Business you made for me. You've been busy girl, poking around about my coven." Silvia had been true to her words. She constantly published articles exposing the vampire clans in Grey Meadows. So far the damage to the clans had been minimal, but not negligible.

"Why are you here, Basil?" Silvia gets to the point.

"I came because of your child." It's obvious which one he is referring to.

"Don't you dare touch her! I won't let you near her!" Silvia furiously lashes out.  Silvia had desperately hoped  that Sam wouldn't need to deal with her vampire side at all. Ever since they moved to the new house, Irwin and Silvia had been saving money. They hope to have enough money to buy the vampire B-gone potion by the time Sam becomes a young adult. That way, Sam would never have to fear the sun. 

"Your child is a special one. Have you not noticed? She is a vampire, yet she walks in daylight. She drinks plasma juice, yet has no thirst. She was BORN, not bitten. Vampires are not born. Surely you know that, Silvia, you know so much about us now." Basil stares intently at Silvia. 

Silvia does know. She's constantly researching about vampires and writing about them, it's impossible not to know. She's relieved when she sees Sam playing outdoors in the sun for hours; she flinches whenever she sees Sam snacking on plasma juice. She's constantly asking Sam whether she's thirsty or not. Sam is an anomaly. A growing, vampire child has never existed before. Despite days of researching trying to find some record of a vampire like Sam, nothing showed up. There was nothing.

"We have been looking into the circumstances of her birth. This child may hold the key. We may never have to fear the sun and be slaves to our thirst. She must be taught our ways."  

Silvia shudders in fear. He cannot take her daughter away from her. "Get out," she spits out. Basil doesn't look surprised at her response. There is absolutely no change in his expression.

"We will keep our eyes on your child" Basil says as he disappears.

With Basil gone, Silvia joins the cheering crowd outside. There are too many thoughts swirling in her head for her to properly join the celebration.

As the guests and family cheer, Sam makes her wish and blows out the candles. 

And Sam grows into a teenager. 

After cake, everyone starts dancing to the music. Sam dances with Collin Rook. He's a nice guy, she's known him since elementary school. He's a decent dancer.

She also dances with Ti-ning Quailhogs. They used to be really close friends in elementary school before Ti-ning graduated.

 Sam quickly learns that Ti-ning has become a bit of a prat. He's constantly talking about his family's wealth and all of the conversation revolves around him. It doesn't take long for Sam to lose interest in Ti-ning. She keeps glancing over at Collin while dancing with him.

She spends some more time with Collin after the dance party is over. Collin is easy to talk to, funny, and sweet. Sam feels like she could just talk with him forever.

When the party is over and the guests are gone, Irwin gives Samantha her birthday present. 

"Dad! You didn't have to-" Samantha is somewhat surprised. She is aware that her family wasn't as wealthy as they looked. They may have a huge house, but most of the house was still unfurnished, and her parents rarely bought new objects.

"Of course I did. It's my princess's birthday. Happy birthday, Samantha." Irwin always insisted on calling Sam, Samantha. It makes her feel girly. It's not a bad feeling. She rather likes it. 

Kayla and Irwin play chess on the porch while waiting for Sam to come home. Since she became a teenager,  she's been coming home later and later.

Irwin takes note that she's usually escorted home by a boy named Collin. Later he hears from Samantha that she will be going to prom with him.

The day of prom. Sam spends hours agonizing on which dress to wear. She doesn't really have that many dresses, so she ventures downstairs and looks through Silvia's clothes. True to her past party animal lifestyle, Silvia has a collection of fancy party dresses. Sam finally finds something she likes.

Irwin approves that Collin has shown up early. He seems like a nice kid, but he'll have to wait and see if he's truly worthy of his daughter. Maybe he'll invite him over for a man-to-man chess match?

Collin can't take his eyes off Sam. She's just stunning in her dress. They take some pictures together before taking the limo and heading to prom.

Prom was a blast. Unfortunately, Sam doesn't become prom queen. It wasn't a big surprise, since she's only a freshman in highschool, and Sam is fully aware that most of the girls don't like her that much. However, her night with Collin was just pure amazingness. They had their first kiss together. They totally dominated the dance floor, and Collin even asked to go steady with her! 

When she gets back home, Irwin is still up waiting to hear all about her night. No matter how sweet Collin is, Sam still loves her dad the most. 

The next morning, Kayla asks Sam all about her prom. Sam indulges her younger sister with a slightly more age appropriate version of prom. She tells Kayla about prom court, the king and queen, princes and princesses.

After school that day, Kayla acts out her own version of prom court. She is the Prom King. Maybe she'll let Rufus be her Prom Queen one day.

Chapter Notes:
Ahhhh, I wish I had taken more pictures of Basil and Silvia's interaction :'(
It's just a couple pictures and a ton of words.

It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.
-Charles Dickens.